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ON SUNDAY, Betty Dodson begins her 80th year on the planet. @Clarissa Impossible for me to be gay, I have no sexual or any kind of attraction in men, only women. He says that he masturbates every other day or so. He does not have an easy time talking about this, and then he thinks about things not going right and tends to have difficulty maintaining an erection.

A: The cure program is 1) quit masturbating for 7-10 days and then start doing it by hand; 2) no sex with a partner until you can masturbate daily by hand for a month. Of course, not all women like oral sex as much as I do. What should you do if you long to try it, but your partner is one of those who isn't keen?

I am left handed and masturbated that way when I first stopped prone masturbation. By then I had tried masturbation the normal way only a handful of times, and succesfully reached orgasm only about two times, both of which took me more than 30 minutes to reach orgasm.

My many concern is that I have done permanent men masturbating damage to my penis because often after doing such techniques my penis would hurt quite a bit but I didn't think anything of it. Because I can't masturbate properly, when my girlfriend gives me oral or manual intercourse, I cannot ejaculate and it's frustrating and I end up feeling awful.

Masturbation sleeves are masturbatory devices used by men to add sensation and texture to their solo sex experience. The thought of it, sent a pleasure hit straight to my zucchini fucked cunt and as I came hard the little green fellow slipped out of my hand as my juice squirted across the table and trickled to the floor.

I got hard one more time, thinking I was getting close i kept it up. but then I just went limp and only felt the hot feeling nothing more, I did this for 20 minutes and nothing happened. I have always used lube when using my hand to jerk off and I can't get off without it. Is this due to prone masturbation?

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